How to start selling on Fliptopia

1. Sign up for a Fliptopia Account

Click HERE to create your Fliptopia account. Having an account is free and is the first step to selling your app!

2. Sync App Stores Accounts with Fliptopia

Automatic sync just needs your developer ID and password one time (don’t worry, we do not store these so you’re safe)

3. Create App Listing on Fliptopia

Our simple step by step listing creation makes it so quick and easy, list your app for sale in under 5 minutes.

4. Negotiate with Potential Buyers

As buyers begin messaging you, this is your time to answer questions and show why your app is the best purchase the buyer can make!

5. Complete Transfer & Get Paid!

We guide you through the transfer process and answer questions along the way. Congrats on your sale!

What exactly am I selling when listing with Apptopia

As a seller you are selling the full and exclusive rights to the app. This includes

Source Code

The source code to maintain and update the app

All Artwork

Any .psd, .jpg, etc. graphics of any kind

All Assets

All assets to the app includes all images, text, etc.


Any and all versions of the icons for the app

Android Credentials

Android Keystore password and any certificates or distribution profiles are required in order to maintain the app

iOS Credentials

Any distribution profiles or certificates necessary to maintain the app

Web Presence

Social media, website, login information for any web page that supports the app

All aspects of the app

Any aspect or asset of the app which helps to maintain the functionality of the app or is used for promotion should be included.

***You are selling the right to publish the app and will not be able to publish the code again, even under a different app name.

What is the transfer process like?

Apptopia’s transfer process is broken into 4 parts:

1. Upload Code

If you did not upload your code to prepare for a sale before accepting the offer, now is the time to upload all necessary files. You also will enter your PayPal email address that the payments will be sent to.

2. Initial Payment

The buyer pays the initial 50% of the agreed price via PayPal to the seller. The Apptopia commission is taken out of this portion of payment.

3. Apptopia’s App Transfer Process

You initiate the transfer of the app from your developer account to the buyer’s using their developer information. The buyer then accepts the apps into their account.

4. Final Payment

The buyer completes the remaining 50% of the payment owed via PayPal which is sent to the address you provided in step 1. Once they complete the payment, they have access to their newly acquired code and all the assets and files you provided in the Upload Code step.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an app for both platforms (iOS and Android), you are obligated to sell the IP to both when creating a listing. If you feel it is fair, and it often is, you can price your bundle higher to include both.

Similar to having one app across multiple platforms, if you’re selling the free version of an app and you also have a paid version associated with it, you are obligated to sell both in the bundle as well.

It would not make sense to keep these separate after the sale because of their similar programming. When selling an app you are selling the brand as a whole.

Documentation is not required, but highly preferred. Some buyers won't even touch apps that aren't well documented.

Thorough documentation leads to higher pricing as well as repeat customers. We have seen this occur with customers in the past. It’s especially helpful when there is a buyer who may not fully understand the coding, but again it is up to the developer.

Altering the price of an app and changing information about your listing is something you can now do manually.

To add an external account, simply register your Username and Password on Apptopia and go to 'Connections' where you can sync your iTunes Connect and/or Android Developer console account. By clicking on “Add New,” you’ll be able to follow the directions and link your account(s) effortlessly.

This might take a few minutes, in some rarer cases, an hour or so.

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