Prepping for App Buying

There are 2 things you need to prepare before you start making offers on apps.

  1. PayPal Account
  2. App Developer Accounts
    If you do not have one for the platform you’re interested in, check out Google Play developer accounts here and iTunes App Store developer accounts here.

Searching for Apps

When looking through listings, you’re able to search, sort, and filter app listings to those that fit your requirements quickly and easily.

Platform — Consider the fact that you or a developer you work with will have to maintain the app, knowing how to program in the languages it is written in is necessary.

Listing Type – Some sellers list a single app, the different versions of an app, or multiple different apps from their portfolio.

Categories - Filtering by category, shows all the listings that include an app in that category.

Searching - Use the search text box to narrow down criteria

Show Text box - The text box searches through the app names and listing names enabling you to find required information quickly.

Budget - Consider the budget range you’re looking to stick within.

You can make an offer less than the Buy It Now price and greater than our minimum $500. Messaging or making an offer is how you can contact the seller.

TIP: If you’re interested in only 1 or 2 apps in a bundle listing, you can message the seller and express interest in those and negotiate. We will help with splitting a bundled listing if necessary.

Evaluating Apps for Purchase

Due Diligence - When looking at listings, we strongly encourage you as the buyer to complete due diligence so you know everything necessary going into the acquisition.

    • Look at the consistency of the downloads / current installs (Android specific)
    • How much revenue does the app make regularly per month?
    • How many downloads does it have month to month?
  • Things to not overlook
    • Are there other aspects in running the app?
      • Back end server?
      • Social media pages?
      • Website?
  • Questions About a Listing?
    • The quickest and easiest way to get answers is to message the seller directly in Fliptopia’s messaging system.
    • If you think it is necessary to verify numbers that are not shown on Fliptopia (i.e. Amazon app numbers, other numbers listed in the seller’s notes, etc.), you can ask to schedule a screenshare or be added as a read only user to the accounts.

Future Potential

You’ll find apps that might not have the best revenue or download numbers, but have well designed graphics and good working code. Developers are great at developing, but not always great at monetizing.

  • Improving Revenue. There are 3 main ways to monetize an app
    • Advertisements (i.e. Chartboost, Airpush, Revmob, etc.)
    • In App Purchases
    • Paid apps / paid version
  • Reducing your Costs. Look into all the aspects of the app.
    • Does it have external tools / servers that need continued support?
    • Do you need to have multiple people constantly handling the app or does it make sense hiring a freelance developer to do incremental updates as needs change?
  • Increase your Customers. Marketing to your customer base is crucial.
    • Research the best ways to market and strategize so you are ready to implement.
    • Constantly test and adapt processes as requirements change

If you have further questions to get you started, you can email Fliptopia’s support team at